Who we are

Kazlow Fields is a specialized collection agency, working on a contingency basis with a wide range of clients in the insurance, financial services, and legal industries, focused almost exclusively in surety recovery, fidelity subrogation, premium and uncollected deductible collections.

Founded in 2001 by attorneys Todd Kazlow and Darren Fields with a single goal in mind — to provide trustworthy, knowledgeable outsourced surety recovery and fidelity subrogation services— our company has since grown and expanded to become a well-known and well-respected national player, with a full-time staff offering more than 130 years of combined debt collection experience. In addition to our surety recovery and fidelity subrogation specialty, we also offer a complementary mix of insurance collection and investigation services.

What We Do

As insurance industry veterans, having spent most of our careers as debt collection and legal professionals, working both in-house and as a vendor and consultant, we know that the keys to running a successful collection business involve more than just identifying debtors, determining collectability, and negotiating a recovery. You need experience and a desire to learn and grow, a keen understanding of the law, a passion for problem-solving, and a willingness to provide the highest level of service available. In fact, our long history, knowledge of the insurance industry, and a customer-focused approach are the driving forces behind what we do.

We understand that collections and investigations involve complex and sensitive issues and relationships, particularly when it comes to surety recovery and fidelity subrogation. Such complexity calls for specialists with deep financial and legal experience, ethical intuition, responsiveness to changing needs, and a passion for problem-solving. It also calls for innovation and a knack for thinking of new ways to find a solution.

What We can Do for you

Thinking differently is what we do. We are different. Kazlow & Fields is a hybrid organization – we think like lawyers and we function as a collection agency. It’s in our nature to take a different approach to surety and fidelity recovery.

Part of that difference is our focus on you. We seek to understand your problem and are willing and inspired to work together to find a new way to solve it, especially if “the usual way” is not getting the results you want or think you want. Finding solutions is our passion and the key to our success.

Our job is to listen to you and to work to create a strategy that will ensure that your unique and diverse business needs will always be met.

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