Frequently Asked Questions

We have some files to send you. How do we send them?
You can send files to us just about any way that you’d like. We routinely receive files through the mail, email or fax, and we also are able to retrieve files via FTP or from the cloud. If you would like to send files through the mail, we can accept either paper copies or electronic copies housed on disc or a flash drive.
Can you manage files anywhere in the country?
Yes, we provide collection services nationwide. The businesses and persons we pursue for our client are spread across the country, and our research has shown that we are equally effective in all regions, i.e., our collection rates in New York and Florida are statistically comparable to those in Texas, Illinois, California and points in between.
How do we pay you?
We work almost exclusively on a contingency fee basis. We only earn a fee if we’re successful recovering, regardless of the time and money spent trying to recover. If we manage a matter for years, but ultimately do not recover any part of your loss, you will not owe us a penny in fees.

Our contingency fee rates are based mostly on the volume of work you assign to us and the average age of the debt assigned. We are also happy to review the contingency fee arrangement periodically to verify that it’s fair for everyone involved. We value long term relationships with our clients and understand that the fee arrangement needs to be sensible.

Our fee structure is not etched in stone and we are willing to tailor our fees to meet your needs. If you have a special circumstance that might require a different contingency fee, a flat fee or hourly fees, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will happily talk about it and find a solution that works for you.

You collected money for us. When will we receive our money?
We disburse once each month. Whatever we collect in a given month is then disbursed around the 10th of the following month. For example, if we collect money for you in September, we will disburse the money to you around the 10th of October. We will send you a check along with a disbursement report that lists every payment received the prior month. The report will list payments by claim number and the debtor’s name, and the report will show you how much was collected, when it was collected, how much we earned in fees, and how much is being disbursed to you.
Will you send us reports each month?
If that’s your preference, yes. We can send you virtually any report you might need and we can send it however and whenever you would like. We have clients that prefer a few reports while others prefer a laundry list of reports. Some prefer reports be sent to them in the mail while others prefer email. Some clients prefer that reports be sent monthly while others prefer quarterly reports. Whatever your requirements, we promise to do our best to accommodate you.

As an alternative, we have a website that will allow you to login to pull your own reports. The system is designed to be very user-friendly and is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The site is secure and allows you to retrieve information from any terminal with an internet connection.