Why KF?

Specialized recovery and collections

Deep knowledge of the insurance industry, an abiding respect for and understanding of the law, and a willingness to provide the highest level of service available — these are the driving forces behind what we do.

Our unique combination of knowledge, skills, and core strengths allows us to help just about anyone — whether you’re in the insurance, financial services, legal, or other industries — find the best solutions — that is, the right recovery strategy in the right amount of time — that produce the best results.

We are different

Kazlow & Fields is a hybrid organization — we think like lawyers and we function as a collection agency. It’s in our nature to take a different approach to surety and fidelity recovery.

Part of that difference is our focus on you. We seek to understand your problem and are willing and inspired to work together to find a new way to solve it, especially if “the usual way” is not getting the results you want or think you want. Finding solutions to your challenges is our passion and the key to our success.

Our job is to listen to you and to work to create a strategy that will ensure that your unique and diverse business needs will always be met.

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