HELOCs Are Back in Vogue

According to the Wall Street Journal, rising home prices are causing consumers to again begin to tap the equity in their homes for cash.  This is the source of funds for many settlements that can be achieved with debtors, indemnitors… Read More >

Bankruptcy Filings Decline in 2015

Some good news for creditors: bankruptcy filings for the twelve month period ending September 30, 2015 declined nearly 11% compared to the year prior. Chapter 7 filings were down more than 14%.  We wondered if would-be Chapter 7 debtors sought relief… Read More >

Wage Garnishments in Community Property States

Did you know that it’s possible to garnish the wages of someone other than the debtor?  Kazlow Fields (through its network of local attorneys) has successfully garnished the wages of non-debtor spouses in certain community property states. By way of… Read More >